Souls of Nature
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Discover and grow together

🎮 General Overview

Young souls come in its purest form; they have not yet been touched by good nor evil. You are entering the world in this form, as nature started and has evolved over time.
A young Animal Soul arrives to a new environment, looking for guidance. New to the island, you will have to understand and evolve with it, helping restore the beauty of its natural essence one quest at a time.
Your role as a newcomer will unveil as the game progresses, but your destiny is well-written already. In a world where faith has faded and there are few left willing to change for the better, it is your job to guide those who want to restore nature and bring back its unique glow.
Animal Souls used to live in continuous balance, helping each other protect and grow the different environments of their communities. Disastrous times have come with natural disasters happen all around the world and destroying all kind of ecosystems. The constant destruction has led to some losing faith on recovering our world, as we remember it to be. This group have turned to pessimism and are known as the shadow souls. Full of hate and stressed by nostalgia of a forgotten natural harmony, they destroy their surroundings and challenge those trying to recover the beauty of our natural world.